(DAXS): On-Demand PDFs

Archive collections of PDFs need to be accessible, too: compliant PDFs at the click of a button. Never alienate a reader again — integrate a painless way for users to request an accessible version.

Accessible PDFs Whenever They’re Needed

If you don’t want to overhaul a vast archive of documents, let your readers select their choice and give (DAXS) the hard work. Our Document Accessibility eXpress Service provides cost-effective, on-demand compliance. A button will be integrated into all PDFs on your site, giving readers the option to request the file be made accessible and returned within an agreed-upon timeline.

The Process

When a reader first opens the file:

  1. It is identified as inaccessible to their screen reader
  2. The user clicks a button and completes the request form
  3. The file is immediately sent to us for remediation via secure FTP transfer. We’ll implement the necessary changes, return the document to the user, and provide you with the accessible copy to reload to your website. This allows you to cost-effectively make your legacy document collection accessible, one document at a time.
Your Benefit

(DAXS) is the most cost-effective way to keep your legacy PDF files available for readers, without having the expense of remediating files that may be kept for reference or regulatory purposes.