”Double Take” – A talented artist paints her perspective and raises awareness of vision challenges.

March 13, 2017

Laurie Stein BA, AOCA, is a talented, accomplished artist. Her work is very uplifting. She illustrates children’s books, paints to raise funds for charity, has an impressive client list and is represented by a gallery in Scottsdale Arizona.

Laurie has a connection to eyes for two reasons. To quote Laurie “I am the granddaughter, daughter and sister to eye surgeons and ironically can’t see the big E with my right eye”. She departs from her frequent painting style and allows us a glimpse of her perspective in her painting “Double Take”. Laurie’s description of the painting is as follows: “The man and his dog appear as a double image and yet there are three sets of double images. I played with their reflection in the water to blur what we see of the original images. Water complicates what is already often difficult for me to see. Calling it “Double Take”, I have a double reason for calling it so. Because I see double most of the time, my painting reflects two of everything and by adding the water, I added the reflection so technically we see four of everything. “Double Take” – because we need to take a double look to see what is really going on.”

“Double Take” won the Miridas International Canada award and was an entrant to the artwork which participated in the 2016 international contest. Read more about the Miradas competition and the important role it plays in raising awareness about vision care and loss. (http://www.miradasinternacional.com/)

Laurie’s vision challenges do not interfere with her following her passion and leading an accomplished life. There are many other people like Laurie; people who follow their passions and goals while living with vision loss. We can help people with vision loss achieve their goals by paying attention to their accessibility needs. Accessible PDF, websites, physical space, transportation, etc., all contribute to enabling people with vision loss to lead as fulsome a life as they choose to pursue.

You can contact Laurie and see her work on her websites:




Contact Accessibil-IT at info@accessibilit.com for more information or a quote to make digital content accessible.

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